Our Principals

Dear Wayne Highlands Middle School Community,

As we embark upon a new school year at the Wayne Highlands Middle School, I want to take a moment to welcome everyone back for what will be an exciting and successful year at Wayne Highlands and give you updates on some changes that occurred over the summer.

As the new principal at the Wayne Highlands Middle School, it is already evident to me that I will be working with a respected student body and a top-notch faculty. This year there are numerous faculty members who, like myself, are new to the Middle School, and as the Principal I am happy to introduce and welcome these outstanding new faculty members

Kat Beisel – Art Teacher

Leslie Freer – 6th Grade English Language Arts

Tegan Holl – 8th Grade Special Education

Ernie Griffis – Technology Education Teacher

Christina Siepiela – Student Support/Crisis counselor

Lisa Yatwa – Personal Care Assistant

Kelsey Gallagher – Speech Therapist Long-Term Substitute

Each of these new faculty members and our entire staff is devoted to providing our students with a first-class educational experience.Through the hard work and collaboration of our dedicated faculty and staff, the students at Wayne Highlands Middle School will continue to be provided culturally relevant and rigorous instruction each and every day.

I also encourage each of you to visit our website (http://www.whsdk12.com) often to learn more about the great opportunities offered at the Wayne Highlands Middle School and our students’ amazing achievements. Announcements, updates, calendars, and all other pertinent information to our school district can be found on our website. I also encourage everyone to follow our twitter account (@whmsschoolpa) and Facebook page (Wayne Highlands Middle School), both of which will be used to send out updates and quick announcements as we go through the school year.

Furthermore, we hope all 6th grade/new students and their parents/guardians will join us on August 25th at 1:30pm for our 6th grade/new student orientation and ice cream social.Students and parents interested in attending should contact the main office to sign up. We are also hoping to see all of our parents/guardians on September 7th from 5:30pm-8:00pm for our Curriculum Night.

Students, I would like to wish you the best of luck this upcoming school year as you continue to make your mark on the Wayne Highlands community. I am confident this school year will be full of academic accomplishments and memorable relationships with your peers and teachers.

On behalf of our entire faculty and staff, I thank you for visiting our website and we encourage you to return throughout the school year to learn more about our remarkable school.


Peter Jordan
Principal of Wayne Highlands Middle School
e-Mail: pjordan@whsdk12.com

Jerry Burns
Assistant Principal of Wayne Highlands Middle School
e-Mail: gburns@whsdk12.com