Board Notices

February 16, 2017


Notice of Act 1 Referendum Exception

Pursuant to Act 1, the Pennsylvania Department of Education published an index % applicable to the School District.The school district real estate tax increase for the next fiscal year is limited to the index % unless the proposed tax rate is approved by voters pursuant to a referendum or the School District qualifies for an Act 1 exception.As a result of special circumstances covered by an Act 1 referendum exception, a tax rate % increase above the index is required to balance the School District budget for the next fiscal year.This tax increase is required to provide a quality education program as reflected in the School District’s 2017-18 Preliminary Budget.

The School District intends to seek approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education or to the County Court as required by Act 1 for an exception allowing increase of the real estate tax as reflected in the School District Preliminary Budget.The Preliminary Budget is available for public inspection at the School District Offices as follows – District Office, 474 Grove St., Honesdale, PA; Damascus School, Damascus, PA; and Preston School, Lakewood, PA.On written request by any school District resident or taxpayer, the School District will provide a copy of the referendum exception application.

Diane Mott

Board Secretary

January 23, 2017
The Wayne Highlands School District Board of Directors presents the Preliminary Budget for 2017-2018 School Year. For more information, please review the PDE 2028 Preliminary Budget Document.