Google Classroom

Using iPad Instructions:

Using Google Classroom for Families:

Technology Related Issues:

Student E-Mail Account or iPad Device Issues. If your student(s) are in need of assistance regarding their e-mail username or password to access Google Classroom or they need Technology Support, you can call us at 570-253-1950 or e-mail

Student E-Mail Username and Password Reset Request. If you are a parent of student that need help retrieving or resetting your student's e-mail address and password, please complete our online form.

What is my Student E-Mail? Each student in the Wayne Highlands School District has a school district e-mail. For example You can logon to your student e-mail account by visiting the following links below:

How To Join a Google Classroom on Tablet, iPad, or Phone:

How to Join a Google Classroom on Computer:


As the Wayne Highlands School District moves forward during this current time with the COVID-19 School Closure, we are anticipating future delivery of our students Remote Learning Continuity of Education Plan being delivered and maintained through our school district's Online Google Classroom. Each student would enroll (K-8) in their current teacher's classes through our student domain ( Our students of Honesdale High School may already be enrolled in our classrooms through our 1:1 program. Online resources will be shared using this secure online platform to each student. Your teachers will moderate and post your enrichment activities to the online classroom.